• Ocho Macho Off

    I had just dedicated an article to the “Ocho Macho”, an important Hungarian musical group, when a resounding post appeared on Facebook: “Ocho Macho Off”: Marton Szalai left forever the group with whom he had played over fifteen years. When you read something like that it’s always a sadness and the beautiful Bildein concert, the happy audience and the wonderful set design with lights and public choirs are back to my memory. No one imagined, but the reality is that Marton Szalai, “basszusgitár”, will not continue to play with Ocho Macho. On Facebook Marton Szalai has written in Hungarian: “Drága 3959 ismerősöm! Lassan egy hónapja, hogy az Ocho Macho zenekarral elváltak útjaink. Vártam, hogy jelezze ezt felétek a zenekar, addig nem szerettem volna semmit kommunikálni. Ez megtörtént. (úgy ahogy) Szóval… Köszönöm Nektek a csodás 15 évet, a sok örömöt, élményt, energiát amit adtatok!!! Jó lesz rátok emlékezni. Az élet megy tovább, maradok mesefigura! Még találkozunk!”.
    So fans have written: “Egy korszak lezárult” (An era is over”).

    I contacted Marton Szalai for a short interview:

    Did you decide to leave Ocho Macho?
    - No. It was the band’s decision.

    - I think we see many things differently.

    For example?
    - I can’t say more about why, because I don’t no why. It’s weird but that is.

    Ocho Macho will continue?
    - Yes. With another change in the musicians

    Who will replace you?
    - I do not know him personally, but I think he’s a very good musician.

    Do you think Ocho Macho will continue to be successful without you?
    - The exchange of members could bring good and bad things also. I do not see the plans and I would not even like to predict the future of the band. It’s not my business anymore.

    What is the best memory you have of your experience with Ocho Macho?
    - Perhaps when our first disc was released. It was a handy proof of the band’s legitimacy. The dream of every musician.

    What was your most beautiful concert with Ocho Macho for you?
    - I also liked big concerts and small clubs. Each concert has its unique charm. I would not pick a single one out from the others, I loved every minute on stage. I am grateful to God for the last 15 years. It was wonderful.

    What are you going to do now? Will you make a new music group?
    - I did not expect this situation. I do not know yet. I have plans but nothing is fixed at the moment. Let’s talk about this again some months later.

    Will Ocho Macho continue to be your friends?
    - I’m open to anything, but now I feel like it is impossible. That is a really sad situation..

    My sadness concides with Marton Szalai’s thought: “ That is a really sad situation…..” .

    Sometimes, it’s the fault of success …

    We are sure that it will bring sorrow to everyone, but for all there will be a new departure.

    Thank you Marci !

    Rocco Turi, from Bildein (Austria)